Slay the Dragon: An Overview of Cerberus’ Hell

Slots developer Thunderkick has released the third game in its high-stakes Beat the Beast series, titled Cerberus’ Inferno. Each one has a unique beast and combines traditional gameplay with sophisticated mathematical models and promising future developments. Thunderkick turns up the heat several thousand degrees from the second installment, Secrets of the Sphinx. The mythical Greek underworld of Hades is the setting for Cerberus’ Inferno, where a terrifying three-headed dog serves as the main antagonist.

The guardian of the Chamber of Secrets wasn’t Hagrid’s pet fluffball Fluffy, but rather the Greek Cerberus. The three-headed dog of Hades was used to keep souls in the underworld rather than to keep people out. Slots players of the present day have no such problems with access to the underworld, even if the ancients did not.

It’s immediately obvious that you’ve landed in a Beat the Beast slot machine. Thunderkick has maintained its standard 5-reel, 3-row layout, with 9 paylines in the base game, same like the previous two. The game is as easy as ever, with wagers ranging from 10 pence to $100 or €100 each spin, and the goal being to line up identical symbols on a single payline from left to right.

All of the 10-A royals have the same stone or metallic look, therefore the low pays don’t change much from episode to episode. More emphasis is placed on the unique topic, here icons from Ancient Greece, in the higher paying symbols. Scepters, helmets, vases, a golden Cerberus statue, and a vengeful blue Cerberus are arranged from lowest to highest. Low payouts require 3 matching symbols, whereas high pays require only 2 matching symbols to be considered a winner. The Cerberus icon is the most valuable, paying off 150 times the wager for a full house. Quite high symbol values across the board really.

We’ll examine wilds in the following part, as they’re helpful but also linked to the characteristics. First, let’s take a look at the statistics, which are tailored toward serious gamblers like the rest of the Beat the Beast series. The first is a little better return on investment (RTP) than the previous two at 96.15 percent. The invisible beast is a metaphor for the extremely unstable mathematical model, which appears alongside the visible ones. Cerberus’ Inferno is true to Thunderkick’s series goal of creating a high volatility adventure.

Features for Defeating the Beast in Cerberus’ Labyrinth

There aren’t a ton of extras in Cerberus’ Inferno, but there are two wilds. The first is a regular wild that can be used in place of any of the regular pay symbols. It only appears stacked, covering an entire reel, increasing the player’s chances of winning.

The Golden Cerberus Emblem is the second wild symbol; it may stand in for any other pay symbol and also acts as a scatter to trigger 10 free games and payouts of 2x, 20x, or 200x the total bet, respectively.

In the Free Spins game, the 9 paylines are changed with 243 win ways. A winning combination is formed when three or more identical symbols appear in any position, beginning with the first reel, from left to right. Free spins can be retriggered with three or more scatter symbols, while the game’s regular rules apply otherwise.

Defeat the Beast: The Judgement of Cerberus’ Inferno

Cerberus’ Inferno is similar to the first two Beat the Beast slots, so you should know what to anticipate if you’ve played those. Each is fundamentally, visually, and gameplay-wise comparable but thematically dissimilar. Cerberus’ Inferno is more unique thematically, thus gamers looking for retro gameplay in a new setting may enjoy it. You can easily find Krakens and Sphinxes on slot machines, but Cerberus is more of a challenge. It raises questions about what might appear in the next two Beat the Beast games.

There’s no reason to think the third won’t be a hit if you like the first two. Thunderkick has built a pretty basic game by sticking to the tried-and-true format. There isn’t anything here that hasn’t been seen many times before, so some may say it’s too simple. Thunderkick has removed all wizardry from Cerberus’ Inferno, while the other two high-risk positions gave minor adjustments to their features.

It has the least distinctive appearance of the three. The 243 win ways in the bonus game are its main selling point, yet hundreds of other slots provide this feature, both in their base and bonus games. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a simple game that proudly displays the classic slot banner. Potential is the other enticing factor. You can win a lot of money here, 6,666 times your bet (less than Kraken’s Lair, maybe, but more than Mighty Sphinx).

Cerberus’ Inferno, like its predecessors, does not feature any groundbreaking innovations or breathtaking developments. Instead, you can expect simple, dependable gaming that comes with solid extras and promising possibilities.

At the end of the day, however, a sense of disappointment is inevitable. There was a lot of potential at the beginning of the series, but it has gradually faded away. As a standalone, Cerberus’ Inferno is a great enough alternative, but Thunderkick kind of needs to step it up a little next time to prevent the high danger series becoming a squandered opportunity that fades into an unimportant obscurity.

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